A 'cookie' is a small text file that is stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit some websites. 饼干有很多不同的功能, 例如,让您在页面之间有效地导航, 记住你的偏好, 改善您对BG体育app网站的体验. 他们不会伤害你的电脑.


The BG体育app makes limited use of cookies while you are browsing the website. We generally only use 会话-based cookies, which are deleted when you close your browser. Our cookies are anonymous, containing no information that can identify you personally.

We do use some third-party widgets on the site, such as 谷歌分析, 推特 and YouTube. 这些小部件可能会设置cookie. 然而, 这些网站的cookie信息通常是匿名的, 除非您在访问BG体育app的网站时登录到这些第三方系统.

通过使用本网站,您同意存储下面列出的cookie. We may also use some cookies that are not listed – these will contain no personal information about you. 你可以 禁用饼干 通过在浏览器上选择适当的设置, although this means you might not be able to use the full functionality of our website.


  • 必要的饼干

    可能有一些cookie通过BG体育app的网站设置, 这取决于你登录的是BG体育app系统的哪个部分. 所有 of the following are considered essential cookies for the operation of the website and services staff and students log in to (such as Study Direct):

    PHPSESSID 会话 由PHP用于存储会话ID(例如.g. 直接登入)
    PastExamPaperBG体育SID 会话 提供访问过去的考试试卷BG体育设施
    StudentdirectorySID 会话 提供对学生目录查找的访问
    MOODLEID_studydirect 会话 To facilitate logging in to and using Study Direct
    MoodleSessionTeststudydirect 会话 To facilitate logging in to and using Study Direct
    MoodleSessionstudydirect 会话 To facilitate logging in to and using Study Direct
    飞溅 会话 方便登录和使用飞溅
    UUcm 会话 方便员工登录和使用Web内容管理系统
    BroadcastUS 会话 方便员工登录和使用广播系统
  • 功能的饼干
    cookie_notice_status 365天 方便cookies通知横幅的显示


    This website uses 谷歌分析, a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc.

    谷歌Analytics使用cookie来帮助分析网站的使用情况. The information generated by the cookie about your use of the website (including your IP address) will be transmitted to and stored by Google on servers in the United States. Google will use this information for the purpose of evaluating your use of the website, compiling reports on website activity for us and providing other services relating to website activity and internet usage. Google may also transfer this information to third parties where required to do so by law, 或此类第三方代表b谷歌处理信息.

    BG体育app也使用类似于Analytics的单独谷歌产品. 这些是最优化, 哪一个用于执行测试以改善用户体验, 标签管理器, 哪个跟踪BG体育app网站上的行为, 和BG体育控制台, 分析网站性能.



    本网站的部分内容使用推特 feed,这是推特公司的一个微博客平台.

    推特 widgets may add third-party cookies – those not set directly by our site – to help analyse usage and remember your 会话 if you are also logged in to the 推特 service. To that end, 推特 widgets may set all of the cookies that 谷歌分析 set and also:

    _twitter_sess 会话 记住你登录的推特会话

    除了, 推特's Universal Website Tags allow us to specify actions you can take on our site (in the same way as AdWords再处置 above).

    读了 推特隐私政策.


    本网站的部分内容包含来自YouTube的嵌入式视频. 在可能的情况下, we've set this to use YouTube's 'nocookie' domain so that it will not store any cookies.

    读了 YouTube隐私政策.


    本网站的部分内容包含来自Vimeo的嵌入式视频. BG体育app设置了这些,以便在可能的情况下不存储cookie.


  • 广告饼干
    __utmz 182天 访问者来自哪些商店(BG体育引擎、BG体育关键字、链接)
    __utma 730天 存储每个用户的访问量, 还有第一次拜访的时间, 上一次访问, 以及当前的访问(大概部分是为了再次检查这些信息).
    __utmb 不到一天 Used to check approximately how long you stay on a site: when a visit starts, and approximately ends
    __utmc 基于会话 与__utmb相同
    __utmv 730天 用于分析中的用户自定义变量

    本网站使用谷歌Analytics人口统计和兴趣报告. 访客可使用 广告设置.

    游客也可以使用 谷歌分析选择退出浏览器插件.




    双击使用cookie来改进广告. Some common applications are to target advertising based on what’s relevant to a user, to improve reporting on campaign performance and to avoid showing ads the user has already seen.

    双击 Floodlight tags help us track conversions (where someone clicks on an advert) and your actions on our site once you've clicked on one of our adverts. 这些标签还编制了用户列表,以便在未来的营销活动中使用.

    找出 关于双击的更多信息.


    This is the technology we use to target audiences based on website behaviour across Google BG体育, 谷歌显示网络, bgmail和YouTube. It allows us to specify actions you can take on our website (such as viewing a category of page, watching a video or submitting a form) and then target advertising at either people who have completed these actions, 还没有完成这些操作, or those whose demographic profile matches those who have completed a particular action.

    AdWords再营销是在BG体育app网站页面的JavaScript代码中设置的. 此代码使用cookie收集用户ID号并收集, 存储和发送其他上下文信息,例如您已查看的页面, 你的设备和你的所作所为. Collecting personally-identifiable information (such as your name or email address), 虽然可能, 是被AdWords服务条款和数据保护法禁止的吗.


    本网站部分使用脸谱网 cookie和像素.

    Pixels are small blocks of code on webpages that do things like allow another server to measure viewing of a webpage and often are used in connection with cookies. 饼干 and pixels are used to understand and deliver ads and make them more relevant to you. The user ID collected relates to your 脸谱网 account and the data collected is used to advertise across 脸谱网, Messenger和Instagram. These pixels are also used to attribute website conversions back to advertising sources.与AdWords再营销(上文)相同的隐私限制适用.

    更多的信息可以在 脸谱网网站.


    本网站部分内容使用公司AppNexus cookie.

    公司AppNexus uses unique cookies to identify web browsers and to store data for advertising purposes, 包括基于兴趣的广告. 公司AppNexus被设计为只使用非个人身份信息(PII), and 公司AppNexus has contractual provisions that prohibit clients of the Platform from associating Platform cookies with PII. 公司AppNexus使用cookie将非pii与浏览器和设备相关联, so that clients can then use the information to select ads for delivery by the Platform.

    更多的信息可以在 公司Appnexus的网站.


    该网站使用由亚马逊营销软件设置的cookie. Amazon Marketing cookies are used to deliver targeted advertising based on your behaviour on the site. 除此之外,cookie还用于衡量广告效果.

    这些cookie不会与个人身份信息相关联. Data is sent to the Amazon Marketing platform and is only accessible to authorised people.

    读了 亚马逊隐私政策.


    We use a LinkedIn Insight Tag, through JavaScript, to analyse LinkedIn ad campaigns. BG体育app用它来追踪转化率, retarget website visitors and unlock additional insights about people interacting with our adverts.


    We use a Universal Event Tracking (UET) tag to help track marketing campaign performance and conversions. BG体育app可以重新定位BG体育app的BG体育受众并跟踪转换.


    本网站的部分内容使用TikTok cookie和Pixel.

    cookie有助于您的活动的测量,优化和目标. Performance is boosted when first and third party cookies are paired with Advanced Matching.

    cookie保存访问者与广告活动相关的转换事件. 另一方面, 会话ID在广告人的站点上生成, 保存用户单次访问的事件信息, 比如页面浏览量或转化率. 第三方的饼干 extend beyond individual 会话s and collect campaign-related 事件 across different sites and 会话s.


    • 自身的饼干 是由你的网站通过抖音像素创建和拥有的吗. 这种类型的cookie可以与您的像素一起使用.
    • 第三方的饼干 是由抖音通过抖音服务器创建和拥有的吗. 这种类型的cookie将始终为您的像素打开.

    更多的信息可以在 TikTok网站.


    本网站部分内容使用Snapchat cookie和Pixel.

    The Snap Pixel is a piece of JavaScript code that helps us measure the cross-device impact of our advertising campaigns. We will be able to see how many Snapchatters take action on our website after seeing our Ad. 



    lastcampaign 365天 跟踪访问营销活动页面进行分析

    BG体育app还使用了一家名为 净当地人 管理BG体育app的广告活动. 这些活动使用cookie来监控BG体育app广告的有效性.



你可以在网站上找到更多关于饼干的信息 了解饼干网站.

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